For the love of all things fun

How it all began.

Studio 300 started out as a collaborative idea formed by two friends excited by new and exciting hangout spots to see in Manila, but exhausted by the traffic, time and money spent just on the traffic and parking alone.

So, these two friends decided to put their heads together and pull off one of the most premium recreational centers built with state-of-the-art game halls and equipment that everyone can afford… all in one place!

To be named as the first and only all-around rec center in the Philippines, Studio 300 has been bringing their customers joy and laughter in this family-friendly environment since July 1, 2019.

what we do.

A place where you can relax, pop a few drinks, eat housemade treats, and play a friendly game or two are only some of the things we love to bring you after a long day of hard work.

Studio 300 offers a variety of full-fledged entertainment for everyone and anyone to enjoy. Everything from bowling to shooting idarts, and singing karaoke to swiping the pool table.

Check out our list of services for more info on how you can hype up the mood to the maximum!